The OCCAM Team Story

OCCAM stands for Orange County Consulting And Marketing. 
It’s a play on the Occam’s Razor principle, which says the simplest solution is often the best. 

The OCCAM Team is named after Occam’s Razor, a famous principle. From the Wikipedia entry.

William of Ockham (c. 1285–1349) is remembered as an influential nominalist but his popular fame as a great logician rests chiefly on the maxim attributed to him and known as Ockham's razor. The term razor refers to distinguishing between two theories either by "shaving away" unnecessary assumptions or cutting apart two similar theories.

His principle is often simplified as “the simplest solution is often the best.” This ties in nicely with the main principle of the OCCAM Team: “the simplest MARKETING solution is often the best.” After all, what’s simpler than hiring an expert?

The implication here is: What’s simpler than hiring an expert?

We’re an association of for-hire marketing technicians and strategic project managers with specific industry expertise.  Customers come to OCCAM Team for all their marketing needs, ranging from basic marketing support to complex multi-platform projects.  A one-stop shopping approach takes a page from the popular “cloud computing” business model.  It’s “Marketing-as-a-Service”:  scalable, available on demand and pay as you go.  Let us be your virtual marketing department.